Randall D. Standridge

Composer - Arranger - Drill Designer - Colorguard - Educator - Artist - Writer

Concert Band Music

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Adrenaline Engines

Mixed-Meter, Thundering Percussion, and a pop's sensibility make this concert work a truly exciting experience for audiences and students alike.  *JW Pepper's Editor's Choice 2010.  (Grand Mesa Music)

Commissioned by the 2009 Arkansas Small Band Association All-Star Band.


Motivic development of triumphant themes and creative use of percussion and woodwind textures have made this work a favorite of bands world-wide.  *JW Pepper's Editor's Choice 2009.  (Grand Mesa Music)


Developing two rhythmic motives and pitting them against each other, this aggressive, dissonant work will be sure to excite your students.  *JW Pepper's Editor's Choice 2013/ Performed at the 2013 Midwest Music Clinic in Chicago.  (Grand Mesa Music)

Angelic Celebrations

Majestic themes, dance-like rhythms, and the use of synthesizer give this work a unique sound and feel.  Commissioned by the Southern Maine Music Academy Consortium.  *JW Pepper's Editor's Choice 2014.  *Performed at the 2014 Midwest Music Clinic in Chicago.  (Grand Mesa Music)

Brave Spirit

Commissioned by Cuthbertson Middle School in North Carolina as part of a cross-curricular multi-cultural school project, this authentic work captures the spirit of Chinese music beautifully with the use of a pentatonic scale, synthesized mandolin, and solos for flute and piccolo.  *JW Pepper's Editor's Choice 2015  (Grand Mesa Music)

Brighton Camp - Regimental March

Combining the themes of "The Girl I Left Behind Me," "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon," and "The Cruel War," this American folk-song march is a poignant, yet fun addition to any concert.  Performed at the 2012 Midwest Music Clinic in Chicago.  (Grand Mesa Music)

A Carmen Christmas

Christmas goes to the opera in this delightful mash up of holiday favorites and themes from Bizet's beloved masterwork!    (FJH Music).

Christmas at the Circus

Themes from "Thunder and Blazes" are combined with familiar Christmas carols in this clever arrangement, perfect for your next holiday concert.  *JW Pepper's Editor's Choice 2014.  (FJH Music)

Darklands March

The first movement of Standridge's "Darklands Suite", this march walks a fine line between a dark, brooding sound and regal melodies.  (Grand Mesa Music)

Fields of Clover

A clarinet choir begins this lyrical work, inspired by the composer's love of Irish music.  

*JW Pepper's Editor's Choice 2006.  Bandworld's 2005 Top 100 Band Pieces.  (Grand Mesa Music)


This aggressive work will make a dramatic musical statement at any concert!  Trombone glissandi, extended chime effects, and tribal chanting combine to create a dark, brooding soundscape that will keep your audience and players on the edge of their seats.  Perfect for opening or closing your next concert, this is truly "extreme."  *JW Pepper's Editor's Choice 2015.  Performed at the 2015 Midwest Music Clinic in Chicago.  (FJH Music).


Quirky percussion, pointillistic winds, and interesting textures are used to create this musical gizmo that strikes a balance between innovation and accessibility.  *JW Pepper's Editor's Choice 2012.  (Grand Mesa Music)

Performed at the 2012 Midwest Music Clinic in Chicago.


A truly unique setting of the familiar hymn, the composer has taken fragments of "Amazing Grace" and reorganized them into new melodies, building until the hymn is revealed at the climax of the work.  Commissioned by the 2006 Gosnell High School Band, Gosnell, AR.  (Grand Mesa Music)

Her Majesty's Brigade

This majestic march uses both British and American sensibilities to create a true toe-tapper of a march.  Bandworld Magazine's Top 100 Band Works.  (Grand Mesa usic)

In Quiet Hours....

This work honors the long hours and quiet dedication of music educators all over the world.  Written for one-on-a-part, this work is achievable for the smallest ensembles but will sound lush and effective with the largest ensembles as well.  (Bandworks Publications)

Little Suite for Band

An homage to the traditional suites for concert bands, this four movement work features an "Ayre," a "Ballad," a "Gigue", and a "March."  Performed at the 2015 Midwest Music Clinic in Chicago.  (FJH Music)


This lyrical waltz passes around its gorgeous melody to every section, accompanied by a music-box inspired texture in the mallet percussion.  *JW Pepper's Editor's Choice 2009.  (Grand Mesa Music)

New Era Fanfare

This edgy, contemporary fanfare uses pop rhythms and thundering percussion to create a truly memorable musical statement, enhanced by the use of synthesizer.  (Grand Mesa Music)

*JW Pepper's Editor's Choice 2013


The myth of Pandora's Box is brought to life in this programmatic piece.  Uses of aleatoric sections, stacked tri-tones, and "Dies Irae" provide multiple opportunities for teaching your students about various aspects of music.  *JW Pepper's Editor's Choice 2007.  (Grand Mesa Music)


Mixed Meter and strong motivic development make this concert opener an exceptional teaching tool to bring out the best in your students.  *JW Pepper's Editor's Choice 2008.  (Grand Mesa Music)

The Rowan Tree

The simple beauty of this folk tune is presented in a variety of textures.  

*JW Pepper's Editor's Choice 2010.  Performed at the 2011 Midwest Music Clinic in Chicago.  Bandworld's Magazine 2010 Top 100 Band Works.  (Grand Mesa Music)

Snake Charmer

Arabian scales and exotic percussion enhance the mysterious nature of this piece as it gradually accelerandos to its fiery conclusion.  *JW Pepper's Editor's Choice 2009.  Performed at the 2010 Midwest Music Clinic in Chicago.  Included in Teaching Music Through Performance in Band vol.8 (GIA Publications).  (Grand Mesa Music)

Snow Angels

This work was commissioned for the Century Middle School Band in Lakeville, Minnesota and their conductor, Mr. Christopher Bolson.  It was written in memory of Alyssa Ettl.  In this piece, I have attempted to create a musical snowscape, a joyful place where children play, laugh, and leave their mark, as they do in our lives.  (Grand Mesa Music)

Still, Still, Still

A simple yet effective setting of the beautiful Christmas carol, this arrangement also features the melody in a percussion ensemble moment in the middle.  *JW Pepper's Editor's Choice 2011. Performed at the 2012 Midwest Music Clinic in Chicago.  (Grand Mesa Music)

Summer Song

A work for concert band with optional acoustic guitar, this piece paints a picture of a relaxing summer evening.  (Grand Mesa Music)


A suite of miniatures representing various animals found at the zoo, this work is a great, fun challenge for your students with multiple styles, tempi, meters, and key signatures.  (Grand Mesa Music)

*JW Pepper's Editor's Choice 2011