Darklands March

The first movement of Standridge’s “Darklands Symphony”, this march walks a fine line between a dark, brooding sound and regal melodies. Email Randall for sample requests. Click here for score

Brighton Camp (Regimental March)

When I was in High School, I was introduced to the outstanding march Pentland Hills by James Howe.  I loved its use of folk song melodies and overall style.  I never forgot it. It is the love of this piece and others like it that inspired me to write Brighton Camp.  In this work, I have taken the…

Brave Spirit

Commissioned by Cuthbertson Middle School in North Carolina as part of a cross-curricular multi-cultural school project, this authentic work captures the spirit of Chinese music beautifully with the use of a pentatonic scale, synthesized mandolin, and solos for flute and piccolo.(Grand Mesa Music) Email Randall for sample requests. Click here for score

Angelic Celebrations

Majestic themes, dance-like rhythms, and the use of synthesizer give this work a unique sound and feel.  Commissioned by the Southern Maine Music Academy Consortium.   *JW Pepper’s Editor’s Choice 2014 * Performed at the 2014 Midwest Clinic in Chicago, IL. Email Randall for sample requests. Click here for score


Based on two rhythmic motifs, this tightly-knit composition is aggressively exciting from start to finish. Adding to the excitement are the composer’s brilliant, driving percussion writing and a creative use of dissonance. This is great young band writing in the composer’s tradition of Pandora, Afterburn, and Adrenaline Engines that will totally engage and thrill your students! Email Randall for…