Anger, aggression, fury…all of these emotions are explored in this explosive work featuring dissonant harmonies, thundering percussion, and vocalizations from the ensemble. *JW Pepper’s Editor’s Choice 2011.  Bandworld Magazine’s 2011 Top 100 Band Works. Email Randall for sample requests. Click here for score


This energetic concert work was inspired by the frenetic energy of New York City. *JW Pepper’s Editor’s Choice 2012 Email Randall for sample requests. Click here for score

Kinetic Dances

7/8 and 4/4 meters are used to create an exciting symphonic dance for concert band. Commissioned by the 2014 C.H. Yoe High School Band for the 2014 Texas Music Educator’s Conference. Email Randall for sample requests. Click here for score

In Paths of Truth and Grade

This setting of the hymn “My Shepherd Will Supply My Need” begins with a solemn motive before rising to a spiritual shout.  *JW Pepper’s Editor’s Choice 2015.  (Wingert-Jones) Email Randall for sample requests. Click here for score

In Late November

In Late November was completed in 2008.  November has always been, for me, a very melancholy month. Autumn is my favorite time of year, and the end of November and approach of winter means an end to the magnificent display of color that the fall affords us. It is also a time of year when the…


Inside every person, there is a place where creativity dwells. Gears turn, dreams flow, and ideas spark into life. This idea-factory or “Imaginarium” is the place that every creative person goes to, again and again, to find their muse, flesh out ideas, and to exert change on the world around them. This piece is dedicated…

Gently Blows the Summer Wind

Gently Blows the Summer Wind was written for the 2007 Salem High School Band and their conductor, Mr. Michael Cole. It was commissioned in remembrance of one of his students, Dennis Smith, who passed away. In writing this piece, the memory of a student I had taught began to intrude. Her name was Jamie Peeler, who…

Gemini Fanfare

This fanfare features regal brass and running woodwinds all active within a polytonic landscape. Commissioned by the 2013 Lake Hamilton High School Band, Pearcy, Arkansas. Email Randall for sample requests.

Danse Bohémien

Danse Bohemien is a quick-step/bohemien dance sure to be a favorite with your audience and band.  I was inspired to write this piece due to two factors.  The first is that I love quick-steps and always have.  The Dance of the Jesters (Tchaikovsky), The City of Lights (Watkins), and Pas Redouble (Saint-Sannes) are among my favorite.  The second factor were two…