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Circuit Breaker

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Circuit Breaker - Randall Standridge


About Circuit Breaker

I have written for young bands for many years, and I’m always amazed at the perceived limits of what students and performers at this level can and cannot achieve.  While their technical development should certainly be taken into consideration, I have also always felt that well written, well planned music can set them up for success with concepts and skills that are considered “too advanced.”  I set out to write a series of these pieces that began with Starfire Fanfare (6/8 Time), Fanfare for the 16th Empire (16th Notes), and Spero (7/8 Time).

Circuit Breaker is the latest in this intended series, and it is intended to expose young players to 5/4 Time (or 10/8 if you’re a theory purist, but why die on THAT hill?) and Cut Time.  In consideration of this, the ranges have been kept extremely modest and in the lower registers of the instruments, and careful attention was paid to rhythmic repetition to make sure that the students could be successful without being overwhelmed.  Doing all of this and creating an aesthetically interesting work was no small task and in this, I hope I have succeeded.

The work also contains the option to be performed with “fixed media” or a “backing track.”  While this is not required for a successful performance, it will definitely add to the overall experience and help expose students to a developing and evolving aspect of the wind band repertoire.  Plus…it’s just fun!

Programmatically, Circuit Breaker is intended to evoke the sounds of a video game soundtrack or digital movie score.  The computers bleep and blip as our players and audience soar above a landscape of circuit boards and transistors.  The work should evoke feelings of energy, excitement, and innovation.

Peace, Love, and Music


Educational goals of the work:

-Rhythmic development in 5/4 (3+3+2+2) and 2/2 “Cut” Time.

-Articulations: Staccato, Tenuto, Accents

-This work uses limited ranges and rhythmic repetition to add in the approachability of the work

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Fixed Media (Performance Tempo, q=150)

Fixed Media (Performance Tempo, q=150)

Fixed Media (Slow Tempo, q=132)

Fixed Media (Slow Tempo, q=132)

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