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About Dominion

Dominion doesn’t tell a story so much as it conveys an idea and a feeling.  With this work, I wanted to convey a sense of power, grandeur, and fantasy.  As I listen, I imagine magical lands populated by vast deserts, imposing mountains, wild jungles, and kingdoms full of splendour, intrigue, and danger.  I believe that each of us have our own “dominions” in our imaginations, and I hope this work helps the listener return to that child-like state of imagination, stories, and adventure.

Dominion was commissioned by the Indian River CSD Community (NY) in memory of Gabriel M. Otero.  They requested that I write a work full of rhythm and excitement, as it was the type of music that Gabriel enjoyed playing in band.  I hope, to this end, I have succeeded.

Peace, Love, and Music.

Digital: $60.00

Physical: $60.00

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