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Music Speaks

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Music Speaks

While I can’t speak for all composers, I know that, for myself, I often find musical ideas that I wish to explore more than once.  Such is the case with …music speaks.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a work called Where words end… which was intended to be a lyrical work that was about “nothing.”  It was 100% abstract, contained no program, and allowed me to explore some musical colors and harmonies without being beholden to a central idea or theme.  It was very liberating.

…music speaks continues this idea, with some similar harmonic language and colors, but at a higher developmental level.  Like its sister work, it is an abstract soundscape, and the way every listener will react to it will be solely based on the emotions and ideas that they themselves bring to it.  Some may hear passion, some may hear sadness, others may hear anger, regret, hope, and peace.  Every listener’s experience will be unique to them.  

This work was commissioned by the Maysville Band Program (Maysville, MO) and their director, Elizabeth Betts.  The work was written in memory of Sheriff Andy Clark, beloved father, husband, and hero.

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