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Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship

"Embark on a chilling voyage with Ghost Ship, a haunting production by Randall Standridge. Join Captain Fangg and his dauntless crew as they navigate the treacherous waters of Shadow Cove, lured by tales of hidden treasures. But the tides turn as they come face to face with the ominous Siren's Song, a ghost ship manned by phantom pirates, cursed to guard their loot for eternity. Intense, mysterious, and cinematic, ""Ghost Ship"" plunges audiences into a maritime tale where dead men tell no tales.  ARRRRRGH!

This show is written in our ""Developing Band"" format, which features optional careful attention to range demand, melody lines transposed for all instruments, optional low brass bass doubles, limited sideline percussion, and cueing on all electronic elements."

This is a Grand Mesa Marching Band Product.  All GMMB products include the following features:

•Regional Protection (some limits apply)

•Licensing and Copyright Permissions,

•Solos Transcribed for All Instruments,

•Parts for 3, 4, and 5 BD, MP3s

Full show is $1,000.00 Each individual movement is $350.00

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