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Live Wires

Live Wires

"Feel the pulse of raw energy in Live Wires, an electrifying new production by Randall Standridge and Mo Longo. Beginning with the driving power of ""Direct Current,"" the show charges the atmosphere, setting the stage for a dynamic performance. ""Alternating Current"" follows, where brass and woodwind choirs playfully oscillate, echoing the rhythmic dance of electricity itself. The finale, ""Power Cords/Overload,"" unleashes a torrent of rhythm, with percussion taking center stage, culminating in a spectacular explosion of sound! Both musically and visually charged, Live Wires offers fantastic opportunities for effect for your young or developing band.  Shocking!  

This show is written in our ""Developing Band"" format, which features optional careful attention to range demand, melody lines transposed for all instruments, optional low brass bass doubles, limited sideline percussion, and cueing on all electronic elements."

This is a Grand Mesa Marching Band Product.  All GMMB products include the following features:

•Regional Protection (some limits apply)

•Licensing and Copyright Permissions,

•Solos Transcribed for All Instruments,

•Parts for 3, 4, and 5 BD, MP3s

Full show is $1,000.00 Each individual movement is $350.00

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