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Acadian Solstice

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Acadian Solstice - Perry Holbrook

This pastoral composition joyously captures the summer splendor of Acadia National Park in Maine. Embrace lyrical playing through tone, vibrato, phrasing, and bow control. Highlight one of your violinists with sweet solo moments. Acadian Solstice stands out as an exquisitely beautiful work, versatile enough to shine as a lyrical festival piece or as a delightful addition to a lighter concert.

Program Notes: 

Acadian Solstice originated during a summer vacation to Acadia National Park in Maine. I had ventured down to the rocky beach along the Atlantic Ocean, aiming to capture the ideal moment for a sunset photograph featuring Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse. While awaiting the sunset, I discovered a melody that resonated with the captivating scene before me. Throughout the rest of the vacation, I mentally composed much of the piece during my daily hikes. Nature has consistently served as a profound muse for my most compelling compositions, and I trust that you and your students will find joy in experiencing this work, continuing the rich tradition of pastorales that celebrate the beauty of nature.

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