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Apricity - Nicolás Repetto

Apricity is a beautiful old-fashioned word meaning “warmth of the sun during winter.” Equally beautiful is this new piece by Nicolás Repetto, which perfectly captures this feeling of warmth. Opening with the quite of winter, students will explore rubato and legato playing as the piece ebbs and flows through graceful themes, dramatic harmonic shifts and joyous moments of splendor.

Program Notes:   

On a really cold Los Angeles morning, I took my dogs out for a walk in our neighborhood. The temperatures hovered around 45 degrees. The only solace we had was a little patch of sun that warmed us on this especially chilly morning. The sun felt so wonderful. After some research, I discovered the word “apricity” (pronounced a-PRIS-i-tee). It means the “warmth of the sun during winter.” Unfortunately, the word is no longer in use, but I still wanted to capture that same feeling my dogs and I felt as the warm sun embraced us. I decided to embark on capturing those emotions of winter with the gentle sun peeking through warming our hearts and minds.

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