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Assemble the Guard

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Assemble the Guard - Dión Morales

The alarm has sounded and the gates have been shut; it is time to Assemble the Guard! This triumphant and bold piece is a perfect fit for developing orchestras. Using unified rhythms and a beginner friendly note range this piece will help young players create a robust and mature sound. Stomps and optional percussion enhance the adventure.

As an avid enthusiast of fantasy and sci-fi narratives, I consistently find inspiration for my compositions within these imaginative worlds. In many of these stories there are attacks on castles or fortresses, where the guards need to quickly gather to protect their home; but in most of these stories these guards are faceless. They are not the main characters of the story, but without them the castle would be overrun! What unknown force are these guards preparing against? You decide! It's an open canvas for interpretation, allowing for creative exploration and story development with your students. In my mind, these guardians are gearing up for the imminent arrival of the Alpha Dragon, a formidable presence introduced in another piece of mine titled Dragon’s Revenge (Gr. 2 - available through Randall Standridge Music). The connection between these compositions adds to the narrative of the broader musical universe I’m creating through my music.

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