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Blue Sky Horizon

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Blue Sky Horizon - Randall Standridge

Uplifting and bursting with energy, this wonderful work combines driving motives, catchy rhythms, introductory shifting, and a pops-inspired feel to celebrate the moments when we can all find joy in our lives. Part of the "unBroken project" - a series of pieces pertaining to mental health.

Program Notes:

I live with cyclical depression.

What does that mean?  It’s a lot like clouds.

Some days the sky is a little cloudy.  Some days it is scattered and changes rapidly.  And some days (or weeks…or months) there are thunderstorms.

But, some days, I wake up and the sky is completely clear.  I feel energized, I feel joyful, I feel ready to take on the entire world!  I know it won’t last.  And that’s okay.

Blue Sky Horizon was written on one of my “good days” when the sun was out and I felt truly happy and at peace.  The work uses catchy rhythms and a pops inspired style to create a feeling of unbridled joy.  

Not every day will be a great day…but we should make the most of the ones that are.

Peace, Love, and Music.

- Randall Standridge

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