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Dragon's Revenge

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Dragon's Revenge - Dión Morales

Dragons take their revenge after being hunted to near extinction! This driving piece by Dion Morales is written with a focus on developing the bow arm and rhythmic skills. Each section plays across all four strings and there is a solo section that can be played by any instrument in the ensemble, even the BASS!

Program Notes: 

My family often engages in deep discussions about our favorite stories and how those narratives could have unfolded differently if the characters had made different choices. 

The inspiration for this piece came from one of these discussions with my oldest daughter, who said after a concert, “Why are there so many songs about people attacking dragons? They will eventually fight back...” From that spark of inspiration, came Dragon’s Revenge.

To create some mental imagery for the piece, I wrote the short story below. You can read this to your students to give them background for the piece but it can also be read to your audience before your performance to set the stage! 

Chapter 1: Revenge

An age of peace is coming to an end. The earth rumbles as the Alpha Dragon emerges from a mountain. A screeching roar brings the land to a forced silence and the rumble of the beast's voice resonates throughout the land, "You have hunted and slain my kin. Since the start of the age of men, we have cowered in fear as you track our flights and attempt to tame us. This will now come to an end. You shall taste my wrath and I will have my revenge!"

– Dion Morales

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