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More than Heroes...

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More than Heroes... - William Owens

Celebrate our everyday heroes in this original composition by William Owens. After a powerful, yet thought provoking opening, the orchestra takes off with vibrant energy for the second half of the piece, allowing students to explore a variety of bow techniques and phrasing. Underlying percussion & piano parts add to the gravitas and power of the piece which is sure to be a highlight of any concert or festival performance.

Program Notes: 

Of the many challenges and obstacles our music education community has overcome throughout the years, the COVID-19 outbreak has without rival proven the most formidable. As a former school band director, I constantly think about the dedicated teachers who, in spite of a deadly crisis, remained staunchly determined to give their students the best musical experiences possible. For my part, I am richly and routinely blessed with opportunities to interact worldwide with these amazing people who endeavor to not only survive, but grow stronger with each passing day! More Than Heroes... strives to honor these valorous teachers and students not just as heroes, but as soulful human beings who wholly embody the positive traits that we all struggle to live by daily. The expressive introduction depicts those who bravely stand ready to confront the grim unknown while the brisk allegro statement is resilient, reflecting triumph over tribulation.

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