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Ready the Castle

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Ready the Castle - JaRod Hall

Ready the Castle tells the story of a castle under siege. Carefully introducing 6/8 meter with only the most basic rhythm patterns and a friendly range, this piece with its catchy melodies is a perfect choice for young string orchestras looking to make a bold statement.

Program Notes:

Ready the Castle is a musical journey that transports listeners to a medieval battlefield. The piece is set in the key of e minor and features a lively 6/8 time signature, giving it an exhilarating forward-bounding momentum.

At the beginning, powerful low strings shake the castle walls, signaling an attack. As the upper strings soar in the following section, listeners can almost hear the rush of the moat waters and the creak of the drawbridge lifting as the castle prepares for war, rallying the troops to defend their fortress.

The battle rages on as the low strings drive the rhythmic pulse forward, while the upper strings weave catchy melodic lines into the fray, slowly building to a triumphant closing section in G Major. The final chord rings out, signaling the end of the battle and victory for the castle's defenders.

- JaRod Hall 

Educational features: 

- Introduction to 6/8 time using only dotted quarters, dotted half notes and groups of 3 eighth notes.

- Variety of articulation – marcato, legato, detaché and accents.

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