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Shiver - Randall Standridge

Whether you are shivering from cold or shivering from fright this work for very beginning orchestras is sure to set the mood of your next Winter or Fall Concert. Using only 6 notes Randall Standridge has creatively designed a piece that reaches students at their skill level while letting them experiment with the fun technique of tremolo!

Program Note: 
Imagine you are walking in the dark.

The wind whispers across fallen leaves.  Distant sounds echo across a midnight landscape.  The cold sends its icy fingers dancing up your spine to rest on the nape of your neck.

You begin to shiver.

This work, one of my first original works for young orchestra, should convey this sense of trembling.  The listener should imagine a cold night engulfed by a sea of darkness.  The tremolo of the strings and the minor mode melodies combine to paint a picture of a lone wanderer, walking alone at night.

Whether Autumn or Winter, we all huddle for warmth to protect ourselves from the cold.

Sometimes we find shelter.

Sometimes we do not.

But either way, we shiver.

Peace, Love, and Music

- Randall Standridge

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