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The Kraken

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The Kraken - Kevin Sluder

A routine journey at sea turns perilous as the sky grows dark and the sea churns when the mythical Kraken bursts forth to destroy the passing ship. This wild adventure in D minor has exciting challenges for all sections. Shifting, syncopated rhythms, and a furious, driving tempo paint an epic picture that will leave students on the edge of their seats!

Program Notes:

A frightening tale for all who sale across the sea, the Kraken is storied to be a massive squid that lurks in the deep waters of the ocean.  

Our adventure opens with a churning sea.  Waves become more violent as the sky grows darker.  Suddenly, giant tentacles reach out through the tumultuous waters…the Kraken appears!  Tentacles swat at the ship, sliding along the hull as they try to grip the boat.  Sailors fight the hurricane winds to turn the ship away from the grips of the Kraken.  The boat is finally free, but only momentarily.  The Kraken has followed!  Sailors race to grab harpoons, long spears meant to protect the ship from the creatures that lie below.  As the harpoons fly, the Kraken finally retreats, leaving the ship safe to find dry land.  The creature slinks below the waters, waiting for the next ship to sail in its path.

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